Practice Tools

Try a guided meditation on audio, video, or your phone


  1. Body Scan
    1. Tara Brach 25 Minutes
    2. Search Inside Yourself - Body Scan with Marc Lesser 10 Minutes
    3. Shalini Bahl 16 Minutes
    4. Shalini Bahl 42 Minutes
    5. Steve Hickman 45 Minutes
  2. Awareness of Breath
    1. Shalini Bahl 10 Minutes
    2. Search Inside Yourself - Being Present with Marc Lesser 10 Minutes
    3. Lois Howland 15 Minutes
    4. Tara Brach 23 Minutes
  3. Choiceless Awareness/Insight Meditation
    1. Tara Brach 29 Minutes
    2. Shalini Bahl 38 Minutes
    3. Mark Coleman 44 Minutes (Big Mind Meditation)
    4. Joseph Goldstein 46 Minutes
  4. Loving Kindness
    1. Diana Winston 10 Minutes
    2. Search Inside Yourself - Loving Kindness with Meg Levie 10 Minutes
    3. Tara Brach 30 Minutes
    4. Sharon Salzberg 47 Minutes


I. Body Scan

1) Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn 30 Minutes

2) Shalini Bahl 42 Minutes

II. Awareness of Breath

1. Dr. Jon Jabat-Zinn 10 Minutes

2) Sharon Salzberg 45 Minutes

III. Loving Kindness (For Advanced Practioners)

1) Sharon Salzberg 27 Minutes

III. Choiceless Awareness/Insight Meditation

1) Tara Brach 25 Minutes

2) Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn 30 Minutes

3) Shalini Bahl 38 Minutes

Mindfulness Apps & Digital Tools

  • Online Mindfulness Bell can be used to support your mindfulness meditation practice by setting the intervals at which you want the bell to ring. It can also be set to ring at regular intervals through out the day as a reminder to stretch, take a few conscious breaths, smile, express gratitude, or whatever it is you need to do remind you to be present.
  • Mindfulness Bell for your Android phone works similarly to the online bell above - you can set it up to ring periodically as a reminder to be present.
  • Buddhify for iPhones and Androids offers short mindfulness meditations on the go
  • Insight Timer for Androids and iPhones offers an array of beautiful Tibetan singing bowls, gently and peacefully guiding you through your meditation session. You also have an opportunity to connect with other people using this app to meditate
  • Mind an iPhone app that is simple and free
  • Headspace can be used on your computer or phone to get guided meditations on different topics including stress, creativity, anxiety, focus, and relationships

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